jueves, 12 de agosto de 2010



  • Adjectives to describe feelings:
  • Annoyed:Enojado
  • Exited:Exsaltado
  • Pleased:Conplasido,contento
  • Disappointed:Triste,agresivo
  • Embarrassed:Incomodo
  • Nervous:Nervioso
  • Jealous:Celoso
  • Surprised:Sorprendido
  • Frightened:Temeroso
  • Confused:Confundido

  • Hernan is angry because their employees do not work
  • Gabriel is sad because their parents do not
  • Araceli is nervous before doing the test
  • Marcela had a surprise party
  • Infante Araceli
  • Medina Marcela

Annoying orange 7 (by EnZo AguirrE)

this is a very funny video of The Annoying Orange

Fall Out Boy-Beat it (by EnZo AguirrE)

This video is a trubute of fall out boy for Michael Jackson