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21 guns (Lyrics) by Green Day

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Miss Ale
Estrada School

- Jose Manuel Estrada secondary school
- 9 A
-31 students
- Maths,history,geography

Hi,my name's Mily.I'm 14 years old and i'm from Tucuman.I'm at Jose Manuel Estrada secondary school and i'm in class 9 starts at quarter past seven.My teacher's name is Alejandra.I do seven subjects:English, maths and history.My favourite subject is English.My best friends are Paula and Aldana.there are 31 students in the class.


There is / There Are.

There is/There are
"There is" y "There are" quieren decir "Hay" en español. "There is" es singular y "There are" es plural.
There is a book. (Hay un libro.)*There are books. (Hay libros.)
*Se puede hacer una contracción de "There is" a "There's". No se puede hacer una contracción de "There are."
El negativo es "There is not" y "There are not" y sus contracciones.
There is not a book. - There isn't a book.There are not books. - There aren't books.
Para formar una pregunta nada más cambiamos el orden de las palabras.
Is there a book? Yes, there is. No, there isn't.
Are there books? Yes, there are. No, there aren't.
Yamila Marìa Miranday Maxud 3 año "A"
Estrada school


1 Jose Manuel Estrada secundari school
2 9 A
3 31 students
4 science,history,geography
5 history
6 7:20
7 12:00
8 football and karate

Hi my name"s Alejandro . I"m 14 years old and I"m from tucuman . I"m at Jose Manuel
Strada Secundary School and I"m in class 9A .
School starts at 7:20 . my teacher"s name is Alejandra.I do three subjects : science,history
,geography. My fauvorite subject is history . the are 31 students in the class